Terriers Cancelled

The newest drama series on FX was recently canceled after just one season. “Terriers” was a show about a few private detectives who uncover a giant conspiracy in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego.

Unfortunately, it seems that the viewers weren’t as interested in the conspiracy theories as the private detectives were.

“Terriers” featured Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James as the private detectives. The premiere of the show locked in about 1.7 million viewers, but couldn’t get their numbers high enough after the pilot.

Each episode of the season saw about 746,000 viewers throughout the 13 episodes that the first season contained. Unfortunately for the show, this number was much lower than the average show on FX.

The president of the network, John Landgraf, recently made a statement about the show and its cancellation, saying, “People thought the show was comparable to the FX brand, but not similar to other FX shows. And to the extent that it was dissimilar, they felt it a little less edgy, a little less sexy, and a little less suspenseful.”

Unfortunately, there is not much chance that the show will be bought out by another network, and so there is not much hope of a resurrection in the future.

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