The Bachelor Brad Womack Found Love This Time

The ABC television network recently released the names of 30 women who are going to be competing for Brad Womack who will be the star of the latest season on “The Bachelor”.

Although Womack is 38 years old, the average age of the women who will be competing for his heart is 26. He says that he never really gave any thought to age until recently, but added that despite his age, he is even more concerned with maturity and how he behaves.

The occupations of the women who are competing range from attorneys to nannies, so there is certainly a variety of ladies who will be on the upcoming season of the popular reality TV show.

Filming for the show started earlier on this year and Womack has said that this time around he will be choosing someone out of all the women who will be competing.

Womack became even more famous when he was the one to reject both of the contestants of the show in season 11, but he says that this time will definitely be different. He has told members of the media that it is different now because he is really in love and he couldn’t be happier and it is all due to the show.

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