The Biggest Loser Season 11

The Biggest Loser Season 11

While the country was waiting to see the result of “The Biggest Loser: Season 10” (Patrick House), they’re also getting a sneak peek at the lineup of contestants for the next season on the show. This season will begin with pairs, and slowly work it’s way down to single contestants.

It also sounds like there will be numerous twists and turns that the contestants will have to deal with, and many of them will be brand new to the show.

Arguably the most famous contestant this season (and probably throughout the history of the show) is Rulon Gardner, the former Olympic gold medalist. Although he was generally on the larger side, wrestling kept him in shape.

Now, however, he says that he has simply began to pack on the weight, but didn’t realize just how much until he saw himself on TV. “I kept denying it until I couldn’t deny it anymore,” Gardner said.

This season has other challenging contestants as well, including a pair of twins that are nearly impossible to tell apart, and the general manager of a health club who says that she is ashamed to tell people what she does for a living.

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