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The Game TV Show BET – The recently cancelled CW sitcom, entitled “The Game” may have found a new home on BET. The show, which stars a host of formerly popular actors including Tia Mowry and Wendy Raquel, was not up to par in ratings during its time airing on CW. The show, however, has been well received not only by critics but by the viewership as well. Many have described the show as funny, lighthearted, and easy watching. The show ran for three seasons before being cancelled almost a year ago by CW. It is unclear at this point how many episodes BET plans on producing of the show, but they have said that they will be producing an entire season and will pick the storyline up where it left off on CW with a new team of writers who are familiar with the show.

This has become an increasing trend over recent years. One of the more recent shows to be cancelled, and then brought back was the short lived “Jericho.” The show was about a small town after a nuclear strike on America has taken place. The show did well in its first few episodes, but then tailed off, and picked up steam again toward the end of the first season. It was then cancelled. However, thanks to a campaign that had fans send nuts to NBC in protest of the cancellation, the show was brought back for one more season as a test run to see if the show could continue to pick up steam. However, the show was not able to garner more viewers and was eventually cancelled for a second time before being put into syndication.
It is unclear if all of the stars of “The Game” will be slated to return, and who, if anyone will be replacing those actors who do not choose to continue with the show.

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