The Lost Valentine With Jennifer Love Hewitt & Betty White On CBS

It looks like the Hallmark Hall of Fame hasn’t lost their touch when it comes to crafting tear-jerking romantic movies.

The latest film to premiere, “The Lost Valentine”, starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Betty White, and Sean Faris, has already been acclaimed for its wonderful cast and heartfelt romance.

The plot is based on a novel written by James Michael Pratt, and features Hewitt playing a reporter named Susan, who is given an assignment to write about a widow who lost her husband in World War II.

The widow, played by Betty White, goes to the train station where she told her love goodbye nearly 65 years earlier, every Valentine’s day, in order to remember.

Caroline, White’s character, was pregnant when she told her husband goodbye, and he never returned to meet his son because his plane reportedly went missing somewhere over the Pacific Ocean.

The story becomes even more touching as Susan tries to figure out just what happened to Caroline’s husband, while suddenly finding herself involved in her own romance with Lucas, Caroline’s grandson who is played by Sean Faris.

The cast delivers a surprisingly authentic performance, and White is at the top of her game, as always.

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    1. Susan says:

      Wonderful movie – very heartfelt characters – keep a tissue handy.

    2. Becky says:

      Wonderful movie tear jerker for sure but good

    3. Joan Lea says:

      I was wondering if I may have been mistaken in thinking the character Betty White played.. died at the end of the movie.. showed her watering the rosebush.. then dancing with the guy in the Navy suit.. then the HOSE fell on the steps… just wondering if she died..

      • Sharon says:

        In the movie the lost valentine did Betty White die at the end. I know in the book the lady died, but did Betty White die at the end of the movie or was she just thinking back to when they were young. Please answer this question. I really need an answer.

        Thank you

    4. ml says:

      The whole time when I was watching the movie, The Lost Valentine on TV last night, it made me cry. Hallmark made the best movie I have seen in a long time. Betty White did a beautiful job. I would like to see the movie over and over again.

    5. Walt Moss says:

      Tears I hid from mywife for the entire last half of the movie. Thank you for the respect and love you demonstrated. It was real.

      Vitman Veteran & Son of a WWIi Veteran who loved my Mom and sat in front of the fire place many nights telling six children how fortunate we were. There were so many who didn’t come home and he wanted us to never forget those from our family and community who were not sitting and talking to their children that night.

    6. Dick & Joan Maxwell says:

      We just like to say what a wonderful job everyone did in this movie. They played their parts perfectly. It is one of the finest movies we have seen in a long. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew. We were living the story as it was told. Again, kudos to all!!!!
      We also have it recorded and will watch it again….probably more than once..-:)
      We enjoy about everything that you do at Hallmark, and are definitely huge fans!
      Keep up the good work!
      Go Betty, go Jen…you guys were fantastic!!
      I can’t stop saying how wonderful it was…thank’s again for a marvelous show!

    7. Mike Marrin says:

      An exceptionally beautiful and heartfelt production. Paulist Productions and Hallmark deserve congratulations on this one.

    8. Jarrod Lopez says:

      When will it be on tv again?

    9. ruth henry says:

      did she die at the end?

    10. Anna Tamporello says:

      I have always been a fan of Betty White and enjoyed every thing character she has played. However, her performance in the Lost Valentine was her BEST. Thank you Hallmark for a wonderful movie and the selection of Betty White. Her performance deserves an Oscar.

    11. JanaNelson says:

      This is the best movie I have seen in a long time!! Betty White was wonderful in her role! What a beautiful love story, have tissues though available!!

    12. Mike Pape says:

      We just watched the movie, DVR is a wonderful thing. Really liked the movie but thought a couple things were out of place. (I’m a closet critic) The flags in the wagon that was being pulled down the street had too many stars on them. They looked like the current 50 star flag which was not present during WWII. The ship they showed on the water sure looked like it had helicopters on the deck, also not present in WWII. And the hose nozzle looked very modern with the pistole grip instead of the old ones you had to twist open and closed. Overall though my wife and I really enjoyed it.

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