The Real L Word Lesbian Reality Series On Showtime

The Real L Word Lesbian Reality Series On Showtime – Showtime continues to make headlines with their premises for original series that will be featured on the premium movie channels lineup in the coming months. Showtime announced today that their newest show, entitled “The Real L Word”, will be premiering on the station on June 20 2010. The series will reportedly follow a group of lesbian women who live in the Los Angeles area. The show will follow them as they go about their daily lives and are forced to deal with much of the hardship that comes with living as a gay women in modern day America. The series was first given thought after the network launched a scripted drama entitled “The L Word” which was received well by viewers and critics alike. That show also followed a group of lesbian women as they went about their daily lives in the Los Angeles area. After rave reviews and great ratings the channel decided to attempt releasing a reality show with the same premise.

The scripted version of the show has been running for six seasons, and ended in March of 2009. It was one of the longest running television series’ on Showtime’s lineup, and it is no surprise that the network is looking to extend the success of the show for as along as they possibly can. Creator of the original scripted version of “The L Word”, Ilene Chaiken will also be playing a role in the reality series as a producer. It is not clear who the reality series will follow, and the individuals chosen will more than likely be normal people who are not involved in Hollywood at all. Gay rights groups have often praised the original scripted version of “The L Word,” saying that the show has done a lot for gay rights in the country and accurately depicts the struggles that gay American’s often face.

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