Top Chef Masters Marcus Samuelsson Win

Top Chef Masters Marcus Samuelsson Win – “Top Chef Masters” recently wrapped up their second season, and was able to crown a second winner for the popular television show. The finale was not critically acclaimed, and many reported that it lacked the competitiveness that earlier shows in the season had that made the show so interesting. But that doesn’t mean that the best man for the job wasn’t chosen, or that the season as a whole wasn’t enjoyable, even if it didn’t end with the bang that many fans were hoping for.

Marcus Samuelsson was able to bring home the victory in “Top Chef Masters.” He had fought hard throughout the season to defeat Rick Moonen and fan favorite Susur Lee at the end of the season. All of them brought their A-Games, but were unable to secure the victory at the end of the season. Samuelsson is a wonderful chef of African dishes and brought his home into many of his plates. The competition was close, but Samuelsson was able to sneak out a half of a point victory over his close competitors.

For the final challenge, the chefs were asked to bring together three different courses that accurately represented their time on the program and their lifelong work as chefs. The first course would be their first food memory that they remembered tasting. The second course would be a meal that helped them decide to become chefs in the first place. The final course would be a dish that helped them describe themselves as chefs.

Throughout the dishes, Samuelsson obviously came out on top of the competition and was able to woo the chefs into choosing him as the winner. It was Samuelsson’s foie flan that forced the judges to choose him over the other two contestants on the program.

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