TV Upfronts 2010 Fox

TV Upfronts 2010: Fox – The message that Fox is trying to send to their viewers with their schedule for the upcoming TV season is fairly straight forward and easy to read; TV rocks, and so do we.

“2010 is an incredibly exciting time to be working in television,” said Peter Rice, entertainment chairmen for Fox Networks Group.
Rice recently told a room full of advertisers that the network was more excited about the upcoming television season than they ever have before. The network has a large amount of cultural influence, through some of their most recent hits. He also cited a number of non-Fox shows that included “The Big Bang Theory,” “Undercover Boss,” and “Modern Family.”

Their biggest eye catcher this last season was the runaway hit, “Glee.” The show was in its first season, but was able to capture the attention of a large portion of the nation. They were everywhere. They made appearances on all of the hottest day time talk shows, including the Oprah Winfrey Show, where they took over for an entire episode. The cast also appeared at the beginning of the presentation, and were shown in a number of clips throughout.

Fox also paraded a number of actors around from their returning prime time lineup. The actors included the “Fringe” cast, “American Idol judges,” and the “Glee” cast. It looks as though Fox will be having a big year in television market, if you believe that hype from their recent pitch to advertisers.

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