Undercover Boss Season 2 Episode 14: Sheldon Yellen Belfor Restoration

Even though you may not recognize the name “Belfor Restoration”, the company does something extremely important, it helps restore certain properties after man-made and natural disasters.

Sheldon Yellen who is the CEO of the company did a lot to make sure that more people know about his company after he went on “Undercover Boss” which is a program on CBS after his son suggested he did so. Yellen who heads a company which is present in 29 different countries was asked to do hard work in the form of physical labor.

In his first job, Yellen eventually broke cover when he was confronted by the sob story of one employee who desperately needed a raise to get by.

The boss ended up telling her who he was and what he can do for her. He explained to her that she can get the promotion very soon, he paid her debts and gave her an all paid vacation.

Even though he may have a big heart,like the other bosses who appeared on the show, he whined and complained like the rest of the undercover bosses who got down into the trenches with their employees.

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