Who Got Kicked off Dancing With the Stars Tonight? DWTS Results 2010

Who Got Kicked off Dancing With the Stars Tonight? DWTS Results 2010 – Dancing with the Stars is a television series that has seen its popularity rise in recent years. With the newest group of celebrities taking the stage, there has been a large amount of rumors that have been making their way to the tabloids. First, it was reported that former wife of Jon Gosselin, Kate Gosselin, had gotten into an argument about the way her trainer went about teaching her the dance moves. Later on, Chad Ochocinco continued to tweet about his performance and how upset the judges had made him when they said that they were not fond of his dance. The two couples who made the bottom two were Pamela and Damien (which came as a surprise, because the judges were really excited about Pamela’s Marilyn Monroe impression, and seeing her placed in the bottom two means that anyone could potentially be going), along with Shannen and Mark who also joined them in the bottom two.
Shannen Doherty later went home.

The choices come as a bit of a surprise to fans of the show. Both of the couples who ended up in the bottom two had middle of the road scores and were considered by some to be some of the most talented dancers in the competition. Some fans are outraged that Kate Gosselin is still on the show, because she has received very low marks from her dances and has been feuding with a number of the instructors back stage. Pamela Anderson has said that she was disappointed with being in the bottom two, and said that she had thought that her impression of Marilyn Monroe would be enough to keep her out of the bottom two. Representatives for the show have not commented on the recent ousted dancers, but have said that they believe that their process is fair and no stars receive special treatment.

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    1. cjwagner says:

      Kate has to go…she’s terrible

    2. Hazel hawkins says:

      I hated to see Shannon go and Pam stay, means we have to put up with her ditzy ways another week…Act human girl!
      You act as if drunk, drugged, marlyn, or Anna Nichole..both were ditzs..

    3. linda coffey says:

      kate has got to go she is the worse dancer the eighty years old did better this is not a dance show it all in how popular you are and she is famous for nothing but having to many kids at a time that it why not make it a who popular show instead of a dancing show i am ready to turn the channel

    4. linda coffey says:

      why do you call it dancing with the stars when it a popular contest kate is the worse dancer and that means worse then the eighty years olds she needs to go i am ready to turn the channel

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