Who Won Dancing With The Stars 2010? Jennifer Grey Season 11 Winner

Who Won Dancing With The Stars 2010? Jennifer Grey Season 11 Winner – The very suspenseful season of “Dancing with the Stars” is coming to a close and the question on everyone’s mind is who is going to win it all. There are quite a few people who are rooting for Bristol Palin to win, but the judges still don’t seem too crazy about her performance overall. The finalists of the show consist of Kyle Massey, Jennifer Grey, and Bristol Palin.

Viewers of the show have seen quite a few great dancers with strong performances, but perhaps none as well as Bristol Palin; she has managed to go through the semifinals and win the approval of a large number of fans all across the country.

There is of course the issue of Bristol’s mother, who many suspect played a part in getting her past the semifinals. Some also speculate that Tea Party supporters also significantly contributed to bumping her up in the rankings on the show, although she did display some great moves. Perhaps one of the most shocking turns on this show was when Brandy was eliminated, something which many fans had a problem with.

Karina Smirnoff who was one of the contestants on the show, said that it has been about a lot more than just dancing.

This post has been updated with the results of Tuesday’s finale. Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas came in third.
Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer came in second. And Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough were crowned as the champions of Dancing with the Stars 2010. Are you happy with the results? Did you want Palin to win?

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    1. JoAnne Garcia says:

      I am so disappointed that Jennifer Grey won she was nothing but a drama queen through the whole season I thought out of everyone it still should of been Bristol as she became a true dancer with no experience at all to me she is still the true winner not the wineing crying and yes I am going to say the true ‘Baby’ of this whole show everytime she comes back on the show I wont be watching.

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