Christina Hendricks Playboy 1999 Shoot

Actress Christina Hendricks recently had a blast from the past pop out of nowhere. The star, who is most well-known for her voluptuous role in the television series “Mad Men”, recently saw an old Playboy ad surface that featured herself and two other women in a series of provocative photos.

The spread ran in a 1999 issue of the famous magazine, and it included Hendricks, along with two other models, wearing small silver bikinis with white-blond wigs on their heads.

In one strange photo, the actress is straddling the legs of a man with a extremely dark tan, while a slightly creepy looking clown is lingering in the background of the shot.

The photo recently appeared on the Internet after someone who works for Playboy posted the spread on The Playboy rep wrote, “Who is the famous actress in this photo from the July 1999 issue?”

They then posted the pictures featuring the actress, and titled it with, “For those who guess Christina Hendricks from ‘Man Men’, way to go! She’s on the right and helped illustrate an article on summer shooters.”

So far Hendricks hasn’t made any statements about the old photograph spread.

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