Spartacus: Gods Of The Arena Cast & Photos

Although there seems to be a hiatus going on with “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”, new photos have been released by Starz for the prequel to the series, “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena”.

The photos show the cast in their individual characters, and although there are a few characters from “Blood and Sand” they all look quite different. The new series takes place before Quintus Batiatus took over the Ludus, and showcases a few new characters like Gaia, a social climber for Capua.

The characters Quintus, Lucretia, Doctore, Crixus, Ashur and Barca all return for the new series, each played by the original actor from “Blood and Sand”. The new characters will include Jamie Murray playing Gaia, Marisa Ramirez will be playing Melitta, and Jeffrey Thomas is going to be Titus.

The main character of the show is going to be Gannicus, played by Dustin Clare. Gannicus was the original Champion for the House of Batiatus, and the time period is a bit more ruthless than the original series when Spartacus came on the scene.

The prequel begins when Quintus Batiatus is acting as Lanista while Titus, his father, is visiting Sicilia. Batiatus must survive the politics, and encourage Gannicus to become a champion.
The show will debut on January 21 on Starz.

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