24 Season 8 Episode 20 Day 8 :11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.

24 Season 8 Episode 20 Day 8 :11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. – While the story continues with 24 it’s evident that there is quite the scene that will be taking place in the future. Dana is playing Cole and Cole seems oblivious to the facts that it’s happening and Jack is showing the cameras that he means business.The 20th hour starts of with Dalia making a speech to the public. She desperately pleads to the people and promises that her Presidency would be a good thing. She commits herself solely to the peace talks and rallies but meanwhile Logan is working up a plan of his own. Both of them are being conscious of what they say in case something were to going wrong with their plan.

Jack stays with Cole making sure all the details about their retrieval are worked out.Cole has proven that he can be very worthy when it comes to working in the field. In the end, the retrieval turns out to be successful. Rescuing Dana away from Bledsoe wasn’t the hard part that the two are facing though. Dana and Cole’s relationship is what’s going to cause trouble in the future. Dana constantly is saying things that are obviously getting to Cole. Reminding him that Jack is only interested in revenge because of the death of Renee. That all he really wants is to find Russia’s secrets about Hassan and stop the peace treaty. Cole almost believes her but thankfully he does not. Jack goes into critical mode and finds out where she’s hiding her evidence. Logan then finds out that Jack has Dana which means his plans have been set aside. President Taylor is informed and he quickly starts an investigation to find Jack.

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