American Idol Elvis Night Review Season 9 Episode 30

American Idol Elvis Night Review Season 9 Episode 30 – Elvis night on American Idol definitely posed a challenge for some of the contestants. I mean, how easy is it to perform a song that was done by one of the most popular singers in history? It isn’t easy to get up on stage and try to repeat the past, especially with the whole world watching. The reports have come in though and critics are saying that the night was nothing to be amazed by and that it was rather, dissatisfying. If you’ve been watching American Idol on a weekly basis then you probably saw the show miss this week. There was undoubtedly just something that really didn’t seem all the way there this week. There wasn’t very many highs of the show to really get your full attention, and the lows were just overpowering the night. The performances didn’t have the kind of excitement and life that you might expect when you are featuring and Elvis night.

If we had to pick the best performance of the night, there is no doubt that it would be given to Tim Urban. He really killed his song and the way he delivered it was excellent. There is nothing better that he could have done and despite facing some challenges with Elvis night, he rocked the house. Chrystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze, and Mcihael Lynche well I thought they did all about equal performances and they were pretty good. However, Siobhan Magnus, Katie Stevens, and Casey James didn’t present anything unique to the table. Their performances were average and there was nothing about them to say that they were doing the best they could with Elvis night. Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia brought a pretty dissatisfying performance to the table. I think the both of them are on the radar to be voted off the show by America tonight.

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