ANTM Cycle 14 Episode 4:America’s Next Top Vampire S14E04

ANTM Cycle 14 Episode 4:America’s Next Top Vampire S14E04 – The latest episode of America’s Next Top Model was definitely a unique one. In this episode, the models were required to take the place of a dangerous, mysterious and creepy character and put their spin on them to ensure they still look beautiful.

One night they were required to meet up with Miss J. She would be meeting them at a comedy club and were required to pick up on some of her skills. These skills would be required to complete the task in hand.

Brenda’s hair was absolutely savaged from Sally. Sally decided to give her an 80’s based look, which required the shaving of the sides and then spiking up the top of her hair – slightly unique!

They meet with Dania Ramirez to be introduced to their challenge. It will be a 30 second stint of improv. Unfortunately for the girls, they will not be able to say a word, so this is down to acting skills more than anything.

One thing that is unique about this task is the fact all the girls need to style themselves and do their own make up. With that in mind, the girls got to work. They were confident as always, but it was the exciting personality of Tatianna that eventually won.

The photo shoot is next, where the girls are told they will be dressed like vampires. They will be wearing contact lenses that make them blind, giving a wierd feel to the whole set.

Simone Lewis was sent home.

All in all an extremely unique week on America’s Next Top Model and I’m sure the creators have much more in store for us!

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