Army Wives Season 4 Episode 1:Season Premiere Collateral Damage S04E01

Army Wives Season 4 Episode 1:Season Premiere Collateral Damage S04E01 – So many of us having been following Army Wives since its beginning and finally after what seemed like well over a year, it has made its return back to Lifetime. The show basically started right where we were left off with before. I think that’s great because you know you didn’t miss a beat, but for others you might find this a little discouraging. A gunshot took the season off to a great start, like always it was packed with drama and excitement. Jeremy tried to kill himself but to our enlightenment it was only an attempt and he survived the trauma. Imagine how that would have been for Frank and Denise to come into their living room and find that kind of a disaster waiting for you, to see that and witness the moment would be horrible. Jeremy is clearly in some trouble and is really suffering from some mental deficiencies. In fact, they even took him to a psych evaluation center and had to carry him off tied up in handcuffs to ensure that he doesn’t try to hurt anyone including himself any further. When he got there, Roland was assigned to be his doctor.

Apparently it was easy for Jeremy to not take his medication while he was there, which is strange and unrealistic because it is a psych evaluation center, they would ensure that you take the pills in an environment like that. Soon after it was discovered though and Roland used this as a key to find out what was going on inside Jeremy. It turns out that Jeremy is suffering from the guilt of surviving the accident when is friend Mark died. If you can remember back when he beat up Denise, I think it’s probably best he stay where he was placed. Frank and Denise decided to skip out on the party, probably because of the recent incident with Jeremy. They really can’t be blamed though, who would want to talk about something as bad as that? Besides Michael and Claudio being very happy, Trevor and Roxy are remaining very excited about her pregnancy.

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