Bones Season 6 Episode 3: The Maggots In The Meathead S06E03

Bones Season 6 Episode 3: The Maggots In The Meathead S06E03 – Would you believe us if we told you that there were a “Jersey Shore” reference in this week’s episode of “Bones?” It had been rumored that “The Situation” himself would be appearing on the show, but those rumors have since been shot down. That is a good thing, because he is already on MTV’s most popular reality show (Jersey Shore) and one of the most popular reality series’ on television in general (Dancing With The Stars.)

They seem to address the ridiculous rumor during this episode when Brennan attempts to explain Jersey Shore to Angela, saying that the show is “a documentary about Guido tribes.” She also goes on to explain that “Guido’s” don’t necessarily have to be Italian, even though they do take on the mannerisms of typical Italian-American youth.

Her understanding and lack of understanding in the epiosode are absolutely hilarious. Brennan sure knows how to tell it straight, but her inability to distinguish between reality television and a documentary shows just how confused she can become with the simplest concepts, despite the fact that she is very intelligent.

It made an interesting episode thanks to the “Jersey Shore” references along with the intriguing case of a body builder who was found buried and was killed by a bartender who thought he was another man stealing ice from him.“Bones” has become increasingly action packed this season and although we saw a number of characters disappear due to budget cups, the producers have kept the core cast and continue to build upon their storylines. Everything just seems to be more streamlined this season on “Bones.”

Are you happy that Booth decided to ask Hannah to move in with him?

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