Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 8:I See You

Breaking Bad Season 3 Episode 8:I See You – The most recent episode of Breaking Bad, titled “I See You,” shows Walt taking a huge risk to protect his family. The previous episode had shown Hank barely surviving (for now) a failed execution attempt by the two Mexican twins who had been trying to avenge the death of their cousin in the finale of last years’ Breaking Bad. In this episode, Walt officially sends Gale, his current lab partner, packing in order to bring Jesse back on board. Even though it was clear that Gale would have been the better choice of partner, Walt needed to bring Jesse on board in order to protect Hank from any retaliation for the beating that he recently gave Jesse. This of course, doesn’t go as planned, because as Jesse enters the lab, he tells Walt that he had seen Hank being reeled in on a stretcher as he was leaving the hospital. Walt of course had no idea that the Mexican Cartel Twins were in town originally to kill him, but had instead been instructed by Gus (Walt’s boss) to attack Hank instead.

Walt quickly rushes to the hospital to join his family while they wait to hear the news regarding Hank. Hank had to go through several procedures after he was shot several times in last weeks episode. With a deadline on the meth that Walt is supposed to be cooking approaching quickly, Jesse starts to worry that they will not be able to make the deadline. When Walt is forced to remain at the hospital for longer than originally expected, it becomes clear that Walt and Jesse will not be able to cook enough meth by the time that their deadline comes around.
These problems, along with an unexpected hospital visit by Gus (who Walt had been lying to about why he was not able to cook the meth, in order to hide the fact that his brother in law is a DEA agent), it has become clear that Walt will have a lot on his plate throughout the rest of the season. He will soon be forced to deal with Gus, Jesse, Hank and his wife Skyler.

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