Brothers and Sisters Season 4 Episode 24 On The Road Again S04E24

Brothers and Sisters Season 4 Episode 24 On The Road Again S04E24 – Brothers and Sisters didn’t have the best season, according to numerous critics, but it appears that they have been able to almost pull it completely back together by the end of the season. Their latest episode brought numerous viewers to tears in the winding down moments. It’s been long known that Rob Lowe had chosen to leave the show, and the promo for the episode showed Kitty upset after an apparent car accident. Rebecca and Justin quickly ran up to the wreckage, that contained a number of people that they know.

On their way home from a taste testing event at their former work location, each of the characters was doing something different. The newlyweds were talking about their time apart while he was away at school in Haiti. Rebecca was on the phone with Holly, who was attempting to convince her and Justin to let her throw them their Hawaii wedding. Rebecca ended up getting disconnected from that phone call, which was truly one of the saddest moments of the entire episode.

When they run up to the accident, you see Saul upset that he has blood all over him because he still has some fears about being HIV positive, even though previous revelations said that he wasn’t. Sarah was fine, as were Scotty and Nora. Holly was stuck in the car, so Rebecca went to find her. Justin looked around for Kitty and Robert. Robert asked Justin to leave him alone when he found him lying nearly lifeless with blood on his head. It was apparent that Robert was not going to make it, and Justin would have the strength to leave him to help other people from his previous military training.
The episode wrapped up a number of other issues including Sarah’s depression, and how the characters feel about each other romantically.

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    1. Dan says:

      I don’t think Saul “still has some fears about HIV positive” – it seemed pretty clear that he was told by phone that he was HIV positive, and that he lied to Nora. Overall, a good finale for a somewhat lackluster overall season.

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