Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 23 Lights Out S04E23

Brothers & Sisters Season 4 Episode 23 Lights Out S04E23 – Brothers and Sisters has been accused of being similar to a soap opera at times, and that comparison does not seem to be all that far off when looking at some recent episodes. However, the most recent episode of Brothers & Sisters certainly contained more realistic elements than the show normally sports. The show touched on the stresses of those who are currently handling struggling businesses.The show was able to accurately display the struggles that are faced by many middle class Americans today. In this episode, Ojai Foods was forced to fold and will likely not make another return to the show.
The latest episode that aired Sunday night entitled “Lights Out,” lived up to the name of the episode.

There was relatively no uplifting or inspiring material in the episode, and the vast majority of the episode dealt with the layoffs that the company was forced to hand down to all of their employees. The decision certainly seemed to be tough for the characters, who pulled off their acting in a realistic manner that the show does not normally do. This season finale will certainly leave fans of the series wondering how will it make a return next year, with such a huge part of the plot being stripped from the show. Some have speculated that the latest episode felt more like a series finale than just a season finale. Either way, the episode was very well done and managed to maintain the interest of the viewers without coming across as soapy or preachy.
Throughout the episode we see Sarah struggle with her decision to shut down the company. The family struggles alongside her as the inevitable end becomes more apparent throughout the episode. Sarah does make a plea to save the building that housed to company, claiming that the building holds their history, even if it will no longer hold the business itself. The latest episode of Brothers and Sisters was well done, and was one of the best episodes that the series has seen.

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    1. Sue says:

      What was the name of the song sung by Kevin in the second to the last episode of Brothers and Sisters?

    2. Zander says:

      The Parting Glass is the song that Kevin sings, which he does very well!

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