Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 19:Everything Man S01E19

Cougar Town Season 1 Episode 19:Everything Man S01E19 – So the next episode of Cougar Town has been and gone. If I am quite honest I was particularly impressed with this installment, with slightly more “events” than usual. Jules continues to be the one that mixes herself up in everyone else’s problems, rather than focusing on her own – but that’s just Jules – right?

Grayson finally shows his masculinity and when all the cards are dealt, we see him come trumps up with Sheryl Cole by his side. He instantly uses her skill set by making her perform a duet with him. The duet consists of the pair singing and guitar playing the song “Everything Man”. Grayson, leave the musical antics to Sheryl, you are terrible!

So we all know that Bill Lawrence is having trouble and his other show has been cancelled with immediate effect. This poses a slight problem, seems as though he has plenty of actors now without work. In this episode, we see the security guard from Scrubs as the tile repair guy – an extremely poor effort there!

One thing that needs to be edited for the future is Andy and his plot line, before he becomes redundant in this show altogether. How many episodes in a row can we make his events revolve around Ellie and how his plan, is not going to plan!

Grayson and Sara have a weird relationship with Jules, and she makes a point of meddling with theirs on a daily basis. This week however, Jules was particular quiet, which gave the whole episode a slightly boring feel.

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