Family Guy Season 8 Episode 18 Quagmire’s Dad S08E18

Family Guy Season 8 Episode 18 Quagmire’s Dad S08E18 – Family Guy broke their usual formula last week in celebration of their 150th episode, but it appears that its back to business complete with an array of cut away jokes for their Mother’s Day episode. How was Family Guy going to turn Mother’s Day into a joke, as they have so many other holidays? By turning Quagmire’s father into a transgender individual, that’s how. Family Guy has not been known for being preachy or political in the same way that both the Simpson’s and South Park have, but their most recent episode was fairly preachy in preaching tolerance for individuals who are transgender.

However, most fans of the show do not watch it for its messages. In the middle of the episode, Brian pukes after finding out that he slept with a post-op woman who was once a transgender. Glen Quagmire, known as the ultimate player, is relatively accepting of the recent updates with his father, even more accepting than he was when he thought that his farther might have been gay.

We also see Glen’s dislike for Brian continue to progress throughout the episode. In this installment, Glen fought for his father’s honor as he beat up Brian.The humor and shock value that we have come to know and love was present as well. The funniest line in tonight’s episode came just before the ending credits rolled, with Brian exclaiming to Quagmire, “I F***** your dad.”

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