Fly Girls Season 1 Episode 2 Turbulent Relationships S01E02

Fly Girls Season 1 Episode 2 Turbulent Relationships S01E02 – This week’s episode was set to be one of the best, yet once all said and done, I was not particularly impressed. The plot seemed extremely dry and the whole feeling to the episode felt like a last minute effort to get something onto the screen rather than nothing at all.

The start of the episode focuses on Mandy and Louise who are looking for get a last minute trip to New York. Why would they travel so far though? Well, as always, Mandy is chasing one of her many dreams…

In this episode she is looking to make a particular man something more than just a friend, perhaps even have a real relationship with him. Before she even tries to get this far, she realizes that she doesn’t particularly like his lifestyle. He is a rock star at heart and that is exactly the way he lives his life – can she deal with this type of lifestyle?

The next part of this episode focuses on Tasha and Nikole. They are finally trying to sort out their relationship out as they realize that life isn’t always about being right or wrong, but having people there for you is essential!

They work in a charity together and it looks as if they feel better for it. Maybe they feel like they have accomplished two things; grown up and helped others!?

A slightly sharp ending focuses on Farrah. She realizes that being a flight attendant was probably not what she was put on this earth to do and looks for other options.

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