Gossip Girl It’s A Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Season 3 Episode 20 S03E20

Gossip Girl It’s A Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Season 3 Episode 20 S03E20 – William continues to express his desire to be with Lilly and become the father figure to his children that he always wanted to be. Meanwhile this is just causing a lot of commotion between William and Rufus. We saw Serena in this episode draw a line in the sand that read “I love Rufus, but you’re my dad. He’s not.” Clearly Serena is choosing William and while she might love Rufus she wants William to be that father figure. However, this came right after Rufus was starting to step up and become a better person. Then we see William jump in and want to take over the spot and come back to his family. William even publicly announced that he loved Lilly. Then we see Lilly turn to Rufus and reassure him that there is nothing there with William and that she loves Rufus wholeheartedly. However Rufus told her that she should find another doctor and that was a last straw for Lilly and she promptly advised him to go to his old apartment in Brooklyn.

Serena made a big decision to move back into her mom’s apartment this week. Serena and Jenny are having a lot of trouble now. Rufus took Jenny’s side on the matter and then Serena had to take Chuck’s room in the house. Jenny’s drug dealing behavior has been put on the spotlight and now there are plenty of problems erupting within Gossip Girl. Ultimately the episode has left a big empty space that is yet to be answered. Are things going to come to an end between Lilly and Rufus? What if William were to step up and take his place? There are only two more episodes in season three and the questions are still yet to be answered.

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