Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 18:The Unblairable Lightness Of Being S03E18

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 18:The Unblairable Lightness Of Being S03E18 – No matter what kind of day you had, you can always be sure that Gossip Girl is going to deliver the kind of scandals and drama that you’re looking for. This occasion, Dorota’s split of the moment wedding was taking the spotlight. It seems that everyone in the family likes the traditional type wedding and that going over the top with it would just be too much for them. They had plans to visit the Big Apple which happened to help hide her bulging pregnant belly from mom and dad. However, I’m not sure things will be able to continue this way shortly down the road. Dorota had an immediate need for a wedding just before her baby was brought into the world, obviously not wanting to have a child before shes married. Chuck didn’t exactly propose in the most formal of ways, but it got the job done.

Blair isn’t very demeaning of Chuck and she accepts his worthy tries but obviously she is hurt by the fact that Chuck tried to get her to go into bed with the creep, Uncle Jack. I’m not sure that he quite understood that those sorts of things are best left for people who aren’t related. Little J didn’t seem like she was staying out of trouble very well. Shes been eying Nate for quite some time now and its about time she made her move. She probably will ruin Nate and Serena’s relationship the first chance that she gets and that only means trouble for the two of them. Already you can see what’s on Little J’s mind. Thinking up ideas on how to steal a kiss from Nate during his birthday party, listening in on Serena’s phone calls, she has definitely got a plan of sabotage in the works.

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