Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 21 Ex-Husbands And Wives S03E21

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 21 Ex-Husbands And Wives S03E21 – It can be hard to believe that “Gossip Girl” is already on their next to last episode of the season with so many unanswered questions left in the storyline. Why is Dr. William acting the way that he is? Will Serena and Lily be able to tell that he is lying? The most recent episode started off with Blair getting ready for an upcoming date. She confessed to Serena that she’s never been on a real date, at least not with someone she didn’t know.
Rufus ended up grounding Jenny for getting caught dealing drugs. The sentence seemed a little light, and you would think that he would like to punish her a little more harshly than he did for dealing drugs. William told Lily that she was doing an amazing job with his kids.
Rufus has been investigating the lies that the doctor has spun in recent episodes, and while he has not completely put them together, it appears that he is getting closer with each new scene. He would eventually confront the Doctor about his lies, and try to force him to make some sort of admission about the game that he has been playing. The Doctor, after another episode of close scrutiny, realizes that he should leave and ends up taking Lily and Serena with him. He is planning on moving them all to Palm Beach.

As the police were closing in on the situation, Serena went to meet with Dr. William. “I need you to tell me the truth,” she said to him. Dr. William went on to say that he did cure Lily the first time, but then fell in love with her and quickly realized that what he wanted was his family back. That is why he had the neighbor write the fake prescriptions that weren’t making her feel well.

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