High Society Season 1 Episode 4:Page Sixed S01E04

High Society Season 1 Episode 4:Page Sixed S01E04 – After last weeks episode being so jam packed, the “High Society” had huge shoes to fill for this weeks episode. Of course, this weeks was no where near on par, although it still offered a few exciting scenes for viewers.

One thing that is apparent straight away is that Dale makes a fairly brief appearance in comparison to other episodes. That being said, his appearance is probably the highlight of the whole show.

The show starts with Casi, who runs from Dale, right through to London. This is explained by Tinsley as the narrator. That being said, Tinsley has bigger and better things on her mind.

She will be preparing for the opening of the New York City Opera. Paul was also there, trying to prove to the public that there is more to him than can be assumed from his drunken party based lifestyle.

On the other end of the set, Devorah is also prepping herself for the big night. She has a private fitting, which included trying on a $25,000 corset. In the end though she comes to her senses, opting for a similar outfit to the Vanity Fair cover model Nicole Kidman once wore.

Tinsley wants to look the part as well, so calls upon professional stylist PJ. He suggests that she wears a frothy pink Marchesa, which can only described as slightly ugly.

A Nazi theme seems to be dominant throughout. Jules and Cleo find themselves in a bar, where Jules instantly gives verbal to a German customer. Luckily, Cleo is there to tell her she is out of order and the event cools down.

This was slightly disappointing in comparison to previous episodes, but still – entertaining.

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