House Season 6 Episode 16:LockDown S06E16

House Season 6 Episode 16:LockDown S06E16 – House started out rather interesting with last nights episode. Although, this sort random and stuck in the middle plot has happened so many times on house it would be hard to distinguish this show from any other. It seems we have been left with this sort of story line continuously and not much is evolving with the show. In “LockDown” the team gets split up entirely from each other. Everyone is in different parts of the building and the hospital goes into a complete lock down that leaves everyone wondering what exactly is going on to cause this kind of situation. People are frantic and for the right reasons, lock downs only mean trouble. It kind of goes into a lost in the wilderness moment for the show, and throughout the building everyone is sharing their own stories and details about their lives, all having such successful pasts and various different degrees.

The episode begins with a baby being born and the parents laying discussing their new baby’s name which was very adorable. Normally when the show begins you see someone you haven’t been introduced yet coming down dangerously sick with something new for the doctors to solve. Usually by this time you would start to see a recap of the strangers life, then comes the seizers, bleeding, and strange events. However it only takes a second for you to realize whats coming, the baby apparently goes missing and the entire hospital is put into a “Code 7” state which leaves everyone separated throughout the hospital. Even though things seemed a lot like the same, there was a lot of good in this episode that brought it far surpasses what a normal House episode might entail.

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    1. hello says:

      does anyone know the name of the song that chase played from his phone when him and cameron were dancing?

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