How I Met Your Mother Twin Beds Season 5 Episode 21 S05E21

How I Met Your Mother Twin Beds Season 5 Episode 21 S05E21 – The Ted-Robin and Barney-Robin relationship from How I Met Your Mother has sort of gotten old to a lot of the fans who watch the show. The relationship is over, it seems like Robin has moved on and all of the guys have moved on as well. Everyone is dying to see how they will react to just being friends which should be an interesting change of events. However, this episode somewhat disappointed me. I wanted to see something that was believable from the show and not something unrealistic and sympathetic.

During the entire show I really just say there analyzing things and I couldn’t help but think it wasn’t crafted very well. The relationship wasn’t very believable. I understand that when you have a sitcom there needs to be some romance within it in order to have all aspects incorporated. This week, it seemed like the producers, Bays and Thomas just didn’t know what direction to take. Obviously they don’t want to go out on a wild limb and get poor reviews but I felt like the path they took with staying conservative and touching up what they have already done with the relationship many times over just brought down the entire show as a whole.

You can already begin to see signs that the couple might get back together which is exactly what the show doesn’t need. We saw that in the episode “Of Course” Barney already began to show affection for Robin once again. Robin might want to prepare for his future with Don and now Ted is upset by it. Ted could actually be in love with Robin or he could just be lashing out and trying to find someone to be with for the rest of his life. After all, he is in his thirties. Ultimately, questions are still to be answered and the obstacles within the romances are becoming more and more apparent.

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    1. Michael says:

      That episode was really, really bad. Badly written, over-acted. Pretty horrible. Know how you can tell? You notice how heavy the laugh track is. Louder than the jokes.

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