Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 4 Free Snooki (S03E04)

‘Jersey Shore’ season 3, episode 4 called “Free Snooki” aired last night on MTV and it focused on Snooki getting released from jail, Deena finding a Ronnie clone to hook up with and Jenni finally dumping her abusive boyfriend.

Here is recap of the episode:

Let us start with the orange queen of the night Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi who was released from jail in a miniskirt after being arrested for public intoxication.
Upon returning home she decided to call her father and share her experience as prisoner for couple of hours. Snooki told her dad:

“I couldn’t even tell you how I felt in that jail cell. It was like a (bleeping) phenomenon … I’m not a phenomenon. I’m a train wreck.It’s not like I killed someone.”

To which her father replied:

“I’m not mad, I’m disappointed”

Snooki was able to put her father’s good advice to practice for few hours and eventually began drinking again.

Moving on with Jenni “JWoww” Farley who realized that it was time to dump longtime boyfriend Tom Lippolis because he was possessive, abusive and even pushed her down the stairs because she had “unacceptable” clothes in luggage.

Last but not least is newcomer Deena who met Dean who looked just Roonie with the big abs,greasy hair and jewelry that may or not have been purchased behind of a van.

The two hooked up in a club and the gang thought that it would be a great idea to bring Dean back to the house to meet his clone Ronnie.
But to everyone’s surprise the well-muscled individual already knew Ronnie and revealed that “His girlfriend’s name is Sam, too.”

We had another shocker in this installment – Deena and Dean did get in the hot tub for some quality time – but she decided not to sleep with him because she understood that she had girlfriend.

Here are two lines that stood out from the episode:

Dean’s response when asked if she had a girlfriend:

“Right now, n-no. Not at all. No. I mean, no. Not really. Like, no. Eh, no. For real.”
Snooki on alcohol: “I think pinot’s okay. Pregnant people do it.”

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