Jesse Stone: No Remorse Tom Selleck

Jesse Stone: No Remorse Tom Selleck – Jesse Stone: No Remorse which starred Emmy and Golden Glove Award winner Tom Selleck was broadcast on Sunday, May 9, on CBS. It was the sixth episode in a CBS series of television based movies that are modeled around characters and stories that were created by the late great author Robert B. Parker. However, this was the first of the 6 entries that will not be based on any novel that was written by Parker.
In No Remorse, police chief Jesse Stone continues to work moonlighting for a friend despite the fact that he has been suspended by the Paradise Town Council. The friend that he is working for is State Homicide Commander Healy. Stone was investigating a number of murders in Boston, leaving many of his colleagues to handle a series of crimes in his home town on their own. Stone pours all that he can into his new work in hopes that he will be able to make connections and stay away from his previous problems with alcohol and women. His investigation leads him toward a notorious mob boss named Gino Fish, a gangster who could potentially pose a threat to Stone if he becomes aware that he is the prime suspect in a string of murders in the region.

Several other actors including Kathy Baker and Kohl Sudduth come back to reprise their roles on the show.

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    1. Laverne Barton says:

      We’ve enjoyed the Jesse Stone programs and would like to know what comes next. Does anyone know? Sure hope it doesn’t fall apart like “Lost” did, for me at least.

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