Lost Season 6 Episode 12 Everybody Loves Hugo S06E12

Lost Season 6 Episode 12 Everybody Loves Hugo S06E12 – Lost has been an exciting series and it is really sad to see the show coming down to its final season and finale. There are so many questions that have been presented to the viewers and everyone is dying to see answers. Last week, we saw one of the best episodes that the show has produced yet. It revealed some really interesting features about the show and questions are beginning to get answers piece by piece. With this week’s episode, we saw a bit more of Hugo. As the show usually does, it focused on one character this week. In one of the scenes on the show, Hurley is reunited with his long lost love Libby. We saw Libby get murdered in just the second season of the show. Daniel Faraday was featured in last week’s episode with Desmond and Charlie in their alternate dimension seeing flashes and visions of another life that seems so close to them but yet so far away. Libby has also been experiencing these flashes and she saw a life where her and Hurley were happy. At one point she turns to Hurley and tell him about a plane crash in their other life which was really bringing in the drama into last night episode.
The countdown to the final episodes has really gotten going now but it is still not producing the kind of episodes that the viewers are dying to see. Everyone wants to see action, adventure, and some importantly answers. Lost is very closely related to sci-fi and adventurous shows and is a bit of a cross between the two. With so much anticipation coming down to every episode, it is hard to believe that we are on the last season. It was rather difficult to stay concentrated with last nights episode and I was easily getting lost in Lost, if you catch my drift. There is so much concept to grasp and everything is more confusing than the last, so how do you stay up on any of it? Well luckily the producers release an “answers” edition to every show where they talk about each episode and explain things in further detail which has proved to be quite handy if you get a little confused with all of the different directions that Lost seems to be throwing us.

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