Lost Season 6 Episode 15 Across The Sea S06E15

Lost Season 6 Episode 15 Across The Sea S06E15 – Lost changed their format once again this week to address couple of the mysteries that needed to be resolved. Our episode opened with a pregnant women having crash landed on a beach that ends up being the beaches of the Island. She is quickly met by a strange woman, who helps her to the safety of her cave. After arriving at the cave, the pregnant woman tells the other women that she must go look for the people that she was with before her ship crashed. The woman says no, that she needs her rest. Then, suddenly, the young lady realizes that she is going into labor. She is shown delivering a first baby, and then, to the surprise of the female helping her, a second baby emerges, twins.

The older lady quickly kills her with a rock, adding more questions to the mythology of the series. We quickly learned that the boys that were delivered by the woman are none other than our very own Jacob and his brother, the evil guy aka the Man In Black who is currently inhabiting Locke’s body. She shows them that the island has special powers, but the evil son quickly learns that she is not his real mother, and that she actually had killed his real mother directly after their birth.

He leaves to go see what he can learn from the other inhabitants of the island. Jacob decides to stay with the “other mother”, who makes it clear that she is the protector of the island, and that outside forces tend to be evil and should be avoided. The conclusion of our episode shows a falling out between the two brothers and their “mother”, leaving the evil twin dead, his body heaving inhabited the smoke monster, and leaving Jacob as the sole protector of the island. All in all, it was a strange episode but it did explain some major plot points from earlier seasons.

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