Nikita Episode 5 : The Guardian S01E05

Nikita Episode 5 : The Guardian S01E05 – “Nikita” may have met her match in last night’s episode. During episode 5 called “The Guardian” which was directed by David Solomon and written by Albert Kim Nikita runa into Owen, who is played by Devon Sawa. Owen works as a Division operative who becomes a fugitive after escaping from a bank robbery who holds one of Percy’s black box which contains infos that can destroy the organization-which is Niki’s goal .

It was announced earlier in the week that Sawa would be joining the show, but it was not known what role she would be playing. Owen is a nice addition who is trying to keep up with “Nikita” who, thus far, has been ahead of the pack in terms of raw skill in the spying department while creating tension between the former lovers Niki and Michael who looks like he was brained-washed by Percy but is now seeking the truth.

The best scenes were when Nikita was outsmarted by Owen, who hides from her in a school. She advises him to place his gun on the ground, and then asks to see what is in the black box next to him. He throws her the box, and while she is preoccupied with catching it, he jumps off of a table and kicks her hard in the face, knocking her to the ground.

It’s a bit of a surprise that “Nikita” would fall for that, but then again she isn’t used to going up against someone who could make it work.

It will not be the last time that they run into each other in the episode, or during the season for that matter. Owen will be a reoccurring character throughout the first season who should push Nikita to her limits.
By the looks of next week’s preview these two will be getting very physical on Nikita’s bed.

Overall pretty decent episode despite an obvious lack of believability.

Are you happy with what you saw on Nikita The Guardian?

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