Parenthood Season 1 Episode 5 The Situation S01E05

Parenthood Season 1 Episode 5 The Situation S01E05 – If you’re a long time watcher of the exciting TV Show Parenthood, you probably didn’t miss episode 5 that just aired. You didn’t miss it for good reason either because this week’s episode left people compatible and eager to learn more about two of the shows stars Adam and Kristina. The two have got their hands full with their baby Max. Just as any parent knows it’s no easy accomplishment to raise a baby. You want the best for kids and you want to raise them in the best way you can, but the littlest ones can be quite the struggle can’t they?

Adam was shown in the episode getting united with his son and able to connect with each other in new ways which all took place on the baseball field. Sarah was able to hook up with a new boy and problems are starting to arise with jealousy issues and meanwhile Sarah is living it up. This week Crosby finally admitted to Katie that he’s he farther too, how long await that was! Sarah’s newly found love turns out to be Amber’s teacher and that’s just not going to go well for Amber. You can see the kids making jokes already I’m sure.

Not to mention it might be a little embarrassing getting used to the situation. I’m sure when Amber finds out there’s going to be quite the little argument that Sarah’s got on her hands. Throughout the show you get a lot of questions answered from the characters. Crosby and Jasmine get a paternity test, Crosby tells Katie about Jabbar but that doesn’t turn out well, Adam connects with his son and Parenthood fans are given an episode to remember! I’d give this one a 5/5 stars, it’s better than watching Lost for 6 seasons straight and still not have your most desired to be known questions answered!

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