Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2 Premiere

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 2 Premiere – The new jersey housewives are coming back to the television screen so get ready. The new season of the show started with repairing the old story line that has been left behind. If I were to describe the story line in just a few short words, it would be easy because everyone in the show dislikes Danielle. There were however some other happenings. Jacqueline has a baby boy to complete her 3 children and various other things but mostly, everyone agreed on how badly they hate Danielle. Surprisingly, even some of the guys expressed their hatred for her.

Chris is Jacqueline’s husband and he pleaded with her to get rid of the drama that comes along with Danielle. He wants the drama out of her life and out of his life. Teresa is pregnant but even while carrying an enormous stomach she was still able to take some of the drama from Danielle. Danielle has multiple aspects that are really damaging her appearance. Her dating troubles are just the beginning and we can expect to see a lot more coming from Danielle.

Teresa in this episode stayed home and made spaghetti sauce which was an interesting surprise from what we have seen in past episodes with her dirty mouth and loud personality. The episode centers around Caroline’s once-per-year fundraiser that’s held for the local sheriff. Kim was an interesting character in this one. She was recently introduced to the show but even being new she managed to make herself recognized. She got drunk at the fundraiser and told everyone how Danielle owed her $400. I have a feeling that this local boutique owner is here to stay for the show.

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    1. rhnj says:

      They sure do make the coming attractions look good, but when they actually run the episodes, is this all they have? I was fast forwarding through the whole show.

      Watching a home video of someone giving birth, Bravo, what’s up with that? I guess that’s the best footage you have. That and scooping up dog crap. Wow, how exciting.

      I didn’t get the meaning of putting the “cunt” in contradiction. What the hell does that mean? It’s an ignorant statement. And how does a native from New Jersey not know which tunnel is the biggest tunnel. Teresa could have been the one housewife that was likeable, but she just ruined that in this episode. Her mouth is a trash can. Joe should have put that stuffed animal down that hole. He seems like a nice guy, but he doesn’t talk much. Is he mute?

      Of all the lies that have come out of Danielle’s mouth, I bet she’s not even Italian. How does a Sicilian 15 year old girl, who’s pregnant from a rapist priest, land in the middle of Numb Nuts, Pennsylvania? She is the nastiest Facha Brute (ugly face) I have ever laid eyes on. All the cosmetic surgery could never make that woman look good.

      Caroline looks like a transvestite in drag. She’s a real bruiser, and not a good looking one. She should stay out back with the dogs, she’s in her element there.

      These are the five most unentertaining and ignorant woman I have ever seen. It’s time to can this show.

    2. dolores says:

      I totally agree! Jacqueline is the only respectable one on the show! How did she ever get involved with this family.

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