Smallville Season 9 Episode 16 Checkmate S09E16

Smallville Season 9 Episode 16 Checkmate S09E16 – Last night’s episode of Smallville seemed to be much better than the typical episodes that we get dished out. Pam Grier’s character who is known as Amanda Waller on the show seemed to have a rather hilarious part last night. Showing just the right amount of menace and comedy things seemed to come together quite nicely. There was some interesting conversations between Tess, Oliver, Chloe, and Clark and it just seemed to keep me entertained. Another mystery brought forth to the show about who John could be working for seemed to spark some extra interest as well.

Any negative points to the show were and not big enough to bring down the episode altogether. Most of them probably residing in Tess because she just seems to be a bit scrambled in the show with too much going on and not enough answers. To begin with she’s Luthor’s pawn and then she kind of branches out and become this really focused corporate CEO and then next thing you know she’s sleeping around, then an agent, and now she’s kind of this rogue agent that stays hidden and sort of behind the scenes. Her entire role just seems to be a bit too much. Maybe she needs to calm down and get into a smoother role or maybe the hold scrambled mess of her character is part of her character, but it’s not working for me. The new episode was great and filled with life and excitement so to the Smallville writers, you need to keep up the good work and the special affects are working, they looked great. I’m sure the show has to spend a whole mess of money coming up with the funds to support the kind of affects that are used, but being high budgeted for a show like this is definitely not a bad thing.

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