Supernatural Season 6 Episode 3: The Third Man S06E03

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 3: The Third Man S06E03 – On the October 8th episode of Supernatural called “The Third Man” directed by Robert Singer and written by Ben Edlund Sam and Dean were reunited with their old friend Castiel who came down to stop Balthazar for the angel civil war and explain why corrupt policemen being killed.

The Winchesters also experience a plague that cripples their ability. A combination of Locusts, boils and blood inspire Dean to get a hold of Castiel. He claims that he has tried to get into contact with him over the course of the last year but has never been able to. Although he is suspicious Castiel decides that he will help them get rid of the plagues.

Why does he believe he will help him? Is Dean better at the prayer than Sam? Will Sam’s prayers be useless now that he has been in the cage with Lucifer. It will be interesting to see where they take the plotline from here on out.

For whatever reason, we will get to see the trio unite in a dirty hotel room once again, just like they had in the beginning of the show. If the plagues are too serious for them to deal with, Castiel may need to ask for help. If it was dire enough to get Castiel down from heaven then the situation must be more serious than the writers have led us to believe thus far.

The episode ended a strange way- believe it or not it was Castiel who needed help after the archangel Raphael who was also looking for Balthazar tried to use a stone that turns people into pillars of salt if they look at it.

We can already predict that there is a major war to come.
Are you shocked to see Sam as the heartless man that he now is?
Did you enjoy seeing the brothers cutting each other off the run ?

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    1. debbie says:

      it was intresting how dean was able to get hold of cas the di.k hehe and not sam… sam is not sammy anymore awww but im loving how jared is playing sam n boy has his body got fit or wat corrr…
      it was gr8 cing the brothers back together n i loved that dean had t beat sam in the car haha n how sam’s car got smashed was brill wondered how they were gona do that as u cant have the winchester brother’s not in the chevy but where the hell has the music gone 🙁 thats the only thing i have to moan bout as im loving how season 6 is playing out but PLEASE bring back the music

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