The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 3: The Blood On His Hands S03E03

The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 3: The Blood On His Hands S03E03 – This week’s episode of “The Mentalist” was one of the most intriguing installment of the season. We were fortunate to learn the fate of the psychic, Kristina Frye who was kidnapped last season by the serial killer Red John. Hopes for Kristina were not looking good at the end of last season, and we finally get to learn the outcome of that story line last night-the poor woman was kept on IV all that time and she believes that she is dead.Jane was forced to have a seance in order to talk to her but got no clues as to the whereabouts of his evil rival

Malcolm McDowell will be made his return as the cult leader Bret Stiles. He is suspected of being involved in the death of one of his cultist followers as it turned out he was not the killer -one of the elders killed the poor girl.

But we do learn at the end that he did push one of the church’s member to kill the elder and he was involved with Red John.

Eric Winter joined the team as Craig O’Loughlin, a former professional football player that is now working for the FBI and assisted the team on the Stiles case. He makes an excellent addition to the cast, although it is a little hard to believe him to be a former NFL player in the role.

We also have a little love triangle Grace Van Pelt/O’Loughlin/Wayne Rigsby which become might become interesting throughout the season. It was a slightly peculiar episode with the two new cast additions and two separate crime storylines, along with the love triangle.

Overall, it was not a great episode, the action was all over the place, things got a little confusing for the viewer at some. Too many plots to follow, most of them led to nowhere.

Are you happy with what you saw on The Mentalist The Blood On His Hands?

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    1. Anne says:

      I agree; it was lazy writing. The whole Kristina Frye turning into a zombie until a candle was lit was just implausible. The audience is smarter than than. Left me feeling unsatisfied and annoyed.

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