The Pacific Part Eight

The Pacific Part Eight – The Pacific never fails to bring something unbelievable into its story. This week, things were no different. With tables vanishing from thin air you might have a hard time getting a focus on the show. The last three episodes that we’ve seen from The Pacific have focused on Sledge’s time spent in Peleliu. However this week The Pacific turned things in a different direction. Sledge and Sanfu were practically unseen in part 8 and the show which focused on John Basilone who hasn’t seen a promising episode for well over a month. While The Pacific has been more focused and dramatic than its older sibling, “Band of Brothers” it features a much broader picture bringing in all different aspects. The characters in The Pacific have seen a more thorough depiction and things seem to be on a more personal note. You learn how everyone is affected by the war, their feelings and their opinions.

Sledge wasn’t ready for what he was exposed to on Peleliu but Basilone has a career in the military and has trained and prepared for these situations. He knew exactly what was going to happen when he signed up for war. He carried no regrets and he’s structured and proud to be apart of the military. However, we have seen some frustrating moments with Basilone and it came to no surprise that he decline a military promotion. Within this short hour they packed plenty of detail in about Lena Riggi as they did about Basilone. Riggi is a realist, she feels for the women who have lost loved ones in war and she knows the struggles that it possesses. Basilone and Riggi have numerous romantic scenes throughout the episode including a beach scene where the two kiss and cuddle together.

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