The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 17 American History X-cellent S21E17

The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 17 American History X-cellent S21E17 – Last night’s episode was a rather enjoyable experience and it was only made more delightful by the appearance of C. Montgomery Burns. Characters like Smithers seemed rather enhanced as well with interesting character attributes and more pleasant jokes bringing a kind of humor we haven’t seen from him lately. This episode was no different with the very normal crazy atmosphere and completely nonsense events which eventually led into the plot of the episode that involved the factory workers putting together and interesting on stage production fro Mr. Burns’ satisfaction. He found the show rather amusing while he observed it at his mansion. Meanwhile, the boys got drunk and tore down all of his works in the art gallery.

Something rather unexpected was the trip to jail. It wasn’t related to the real plot, but Lisa, Bart as well as an ant farm were all sent to jail during the episode. Santa’s helper played a rather overpowering role throughout the episode as well. The episode didn’t fail to recognize some of the finest people and movies throughout the show either. The Simpson managed to sneak in a bit of a shout out to Stephen King and the Green Mile showing they still have their wits about them. They had Kevin Michael Richardson portray the role of Mr. Burns as well. There was a lot that happened throughout the episode, some of it a little off point but still the kind of Simpsons episode that we’re all looking for. I wish Mr. Burns might have ventured more of course with his usual role, possibly breaking away from his evil schemes and doing something unique this time around, but who knows maybe the Simpsons has something of the like saved for a later date.

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