The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 21 Moe Letter Blues S21E21

The Simpsons Season 21 Episode 21 Moe Letter Blues S21E21 – The 21st episode of the 21st season, the Mother’s Day themed episode of the Simpson’s was not able to compare to last week’s stellar episode (one of the best that the series has seen in years), but certainly was able to hold its own. The plot was relatively pleasant, and while the laughs and satire were not as prominent as last week’s episode, they still were present in “Moe Letter Blues.” This episode borrowed from the 1949 movie “A Letter to Three Wives,” a movie that followed three different women as they learned about their husband’s infidelity while the viewers learned about why the men chose to run off with other women in their spare time. The movie was well done, and this Simpson’s episode was an alright spoof.
In this Simpson’s episode, Moe writes a letter to Homer, Reverend Lovejoy and Apu. In the letter, Moe details the most recent mishaps that the men have faced. In his letter to Homer, he details how Homer ruined his mother in law’s 80th birthday party by calling Patty and Selma “penis curling she-devils.”

Differing from the movie they borrowed from, in the episode none of their wives end up running off with Moe. In fact, his letter may actually save all of their marriages by forcing them to deal with their recent problem. Homer convinced Marge’s mother that the birthday incident was actually Patty and Selma’s fault.

The episode wrapped up nicely, as Simpson’s episodes often do, with a sweetness that is not matched by many other animated television shows. The episode was directly followed by a photo montage of Springfield moms that might have been a little bit over the top.

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