The Tudors Season 4 Episode 1:2010 Premiere S04E01

The Tudors Season 4 Episode 1:2010 Premiere S04E01 – Season’s four premiere episode for the hit show “The Tudors” aired with a rather unique and unforgettable experience. There really isn’t much like it on television right now, it falls somewhere in the middle of everything. There are so many different types of shows and all of them are exactly what The Tudors is not. It’s not a cope show, a comedy, sci-fi or anything of the works, its elegant and well shot. The producers know the exact direction they’re going with this one and everything is high quality, well casted, and the costumes are extremely elegant. It’s shot in Ireland which adds to the amazing looking scenery and undoubtedly it features some great music.

The season four premiere set place in August in the year 1540 and provided plenty of everything you might be looking for. Drama, sex, deceit, rape, and murder all coming together in an interesting and well crafted episode. King Henry added to his fine list of women by taking on his fifth wife who is the teenager known as Katherine Howard who loves her life but has a rather mysterious sexual past that the King knows little to nothing of. The episode started with Katherine lying in bed looking better than ever making a slight begging comment to her husband, King Henry saying “Will you not come to bed, my Lord?” With Thomas Culpepper around and about things are heating up because we all remember what happened with him and the farm wife and her husband. You can now really see the progression and change in character in King Henry. When the show first began you saw this power hungry and sex enthusiast man lurking about but now you can see his age beginning to show and his actions beginning to slow down. Henry, probably soon to demand more children from Katherine will have to pick up the pace a bit.

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    1. toesisinit says:

      I am a loyal fan and that is why I tuned in. It was the worst episode by far. The lighting is terrible and if I hear Katherine Howard (its insulting to call her queen) giggle one more time I will throw up. Historically Henry should be nearly 300 lbs., grumpy and in great pain yet we see the king in bed like a teenager. This King was sick and in great pain despair during his marriage to Katherine Howard. He was literally on the warpath with anyone who crossed him, said no to him or disobeyed him. I am hoping the show gets better. Its worth a look!

      • Meg says:

        You are completly right!! I love the show, but love the actual history even more, and they have it all wrong…it’s irritating….

    2. J says:

      Someone do save toesisinit from herself.

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