The Tudors Season 4 Episode 5 S04E05

The Tudors Season 4 Episode 5 S04E05 – The Tudors was a television series that began with great promise, but in recent episodes has turned into a giant mess than can be very hard to follow for casual fans. This week’s episode was mostly about the downfall of the young teenage queen, Catherine. Throughout the episode Catherine is shown attempting to cover up her past, including former flings and other information that she wouldn’t want her husband to hear. Over the course of the episode viewers were shown the story from different viewpoints, in an effort to paint a picture of how the same situation can be perceived several different ways. We were able to see all of the sides of the story including Catherine’s, Joan Bolmer’s, Culpepper’s, Dereham’s and Lady Rochford’s. All of them blamed the others for the recent events, and the episode as a whole fell into disarray with so many different story lines merging.

Catherine had said that Lady Rochford had encouraged her to have an affair with Culpepper, and then had proceeded to spread rumors about the affair. Joan Bolmer was easily persuaded to give up the information that she had on Catherine, and certainly did not require much convincing. Culpepper blamed Catherine for the affair, and tried to push his own responsibility on anyone else who would fit the bill.
The episode also featured a fairly wild torture scene that was too graphic for many viewers. All in all, the episode lived up the “drama” label the show has been given, but failed to properly establish a timeline and coherent tale as we traveled throughout the quickly developing plot. The Tudors is still an excellent television series, but this latest episode failed to capitalize on all of the different story lines the writer has cleverly sewn together since the series first premiered.

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    1. susan says:

      I thought the episode (although graphic) was a masterpiece!!! I’m still thinking about it!!

    2. melissa says:

      I second that. It was an artistic masterpiece and it was definitely heavy on my heart after watching but still a great drama

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