Treme Episode 5 Shame, Shame, Shame S01E05

Treme Episode 5 Shame, Shame, Shame S01E05 – Treme has managed to capture the hearts and minds of many David Simon fans. Many of the series viewers are fans of the David Simon creation “The Wire,” a show that was met by critical acclaim and went off the air after five seasons several years ago.Known for the realism that is portrayed in his series Treme is no exception to the rule. The series carefully plans each and every scene, and although Treme has not been as highly praised as his former shows, it certainly has lived up to the hype that it received before debuting.

In the most recent episode, guest stars and cameos were not few and far between. Tim Reid played a tough judge in the episode. Reid has starred in a number of well known programs, including his most recent stint as Venus Flytrap on WKRP in Cincinnati. His appearance in the latest episode of Treme was a welcome addition, and he did a great job of playing a tough but fair judge.
Roy Blount Jr., a well known writer and humorist was also present in a restaurant scene alongside John Goodman. Blount has been known to write about the complexities of language, and this one of his first television appearances. Davis McAlary was a central figure in the plot of the most recent episode of Treme, “Shame, Shame, Shame.” The title refers to the shameful politics that are displayed throughout Treme, including during Davis’ political campaign.
Zahn has continued to receive complaints from viewers who have become annoyed with the character who was once supposed to be the comedic relief of the show. Once endearing, now borderline annoying, Zahn has lost favor with a large number of the shows fans.

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    1. ryan says:

      Steve Zahn plays his character to a T. Great role great acting. Love him

    2. fresh says:

      I couldnt disagree more about Steve Zahns character. And I would love to see evidence of Zahn losing “favor with large numbers of the shows fans”.

    3. Danny new says:

      My wife and I love Davis- he cracks us both up constantly. He’s obnoxious to the Nth-degree but obviously, that’s the point!

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