Two And A Half Men Season 8 Episode 8: Springtime On A Stick S08E08

Two and a Half Men season 8 episode 8 titled “Springtime on a Stick” was broadcast on CBS this evening and the word puerile was mentioned in the installment by Jake’s new girlfriend named Megan.

The episode opened with the lovers talking about Vampires and Werewolves but when Jake (Angus T. Jones) tried to tell her how good Jackass 2 was ,she replied by telling him that it was puerile meaning childish.
Jake later tried to use the word while talking to Evelyn (Holland Taylor) on her birthday – but the clueless teenager who loves food failed.

In related news apparently, the scandal last week involving actor Charlie Sheen, which included a trip to the hospital and the presence of a pornographic film actress have not affected his career nor the TV show. According to Entertainment Weekly the opposite has occurred – Two and a Half Men had an increase of viewers.

On Monday the series saw an 7% increase in its normal rating, reaching 13.6 million viewers.
The saying is true -there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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