Undercover Boss Season 1 Episode 9:1-800-Flowers Season Finale S01E09

Undercover Boss Season 1 Episode 9:1-800-Flowers Season Finale S01E09 – The season finale of the Undercover Boss has produced the complete story of 1-800-Flowers. The two brothers who are in charge of the entire company was emphasized throughout the episode and it really focused on their rivalry and problems within the family. Jim and Crhis McCann have been rivals since the beginning of the show. Jim is the CEO of the company and Chris is the companies president, but when Jim asks Chris to go undercover it causes some conflict between the two. Jim is his big brother, so I think he gets a kick out of pushing Chris around, sending him undercover might be his perfect opportunity to mess with him. Chris, when in the privacy of himself revealed to the show that he has plans to run the company one day. Maybe not taking the best approach, beating Jim up with a huge bouquet might just be enough to take him to the top of the company.

Undercover Boss has become extremely popular in only one season of production, not to mention it was a short and to the point kind of season. Already however, you can see that the show is beginning to double back on itself and repeat the same kind of drama we have gotten so used to, if it fails to provide anything unique in the coming seasons, it might have the same fate that so many other shows of the same type have seen. With Chris investigated several different shops and some factories under the company, now we have this drama unfolding between the two brothers which maybe is a way to give the show something else to continue with. Chris, who wants to run the company had the bouquet made for $100 and meanwhile Jim said to the camera “Hah! And Chrissy thinks he’s going to run the company some day? There’ll be 1-800-daffodils on my grave before that happens,” hence the name of the episode.

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