Walking Dead Season 2 After Brilliant The Walking Dead Seaon 2010 Finale

The television show the “Walking Dead” recently finished it’s first season and left viewers hanging with quite the ending.

The last episode of the season began with a flashback that revealed that Shane’s character was not quite as bad as everyone had been led to believe.

The show continues on at the CDC, where the survivors meet up with Dr. Jenner and take some time out to relax.

Unfortunately for Shane, even though his reputation had been given a bit of a boost, he knocks himself back down again after attempting to rape Lori.

It’s after this that Jenner reveals what exactly TS-19 means, and lets it out that his wife allowed herself to be bitten and contaminated, and then studied.

Just a bit later, the CDC announces that there is a countdown going on for decontamination, and everyone has 30 minutes to evacuate the facilities.

Jacqui and Andrea decided to stay, however Dale said that he would not leave without Andrea.

Right before they all left, Jenner whispered something to Rick’s character, however a massive explosion happens and viewers are left in the dark about what information Jenner had passed on and who survives the explosion.

So far there is no word on when the next season will premiere.

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      please update me on when will the season 2 premier will start….

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