Clark Rockefeller Story:Who Is Clark Rockefeller? Sandra Boss

Clark Rockefeller Story:Who Is Clark Rockefeller? Sandra Boss – The Clark Rockefeller story will finally be told through a movie. It was confirmed that the movie will be created for Television, and will also be available on DVD after the release. “Who Is Clark Rockefeller?” will premiere on the Lifetime Network. Clark Rockefeller is an alias used by the cunning German professional impostor Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter. It was a con game that would have probably continued to work forever had he not eventually abducted his own daughter in the process.
The movie will be made with a limited budget, but the studio’s producer promised that the Clark Rockefeller Story will not be “underfunded” as so many feared that it would be. The story itself is known for having many different twists and turns. The ways that Christian Karl Gerhartsreiter was able to mislead a large number of people about the person that he was is actually quite an interesting story. He was able to charm an attorney who was worth millions of dollars who went by the name Sandra Boss.
He would also later claim that he was actually part of the famous American family known as the Rockefeller’s. He was able to convince many different people that the lies that he told were true, and this story should make an excellent transition to television. The story reaches its climax when Rockefeller loses custody of his daughter to his estranged wife, and when he decides he would rather run for it with his daughter than let his wife have custody, his long history of lies and impersonations are exposed. Some of the most interesting parts of the story are when those who were close to him find out that he was not the person that he had claimed to be for so long. There is no date of release scheduled for this movie at this time.

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